CMO Perspective: Marketing Resource Types

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Amy Connor

Amy Connor is President of CMO-OnLoan, an organization that serves mid-market companies in the Cincinnati region, helping them with the strategic marketing focus and integrated implementation needed to grow in competitive environments.


For more than 20 years, she successfully drove growth with her ability to quickly assess business opportunities and lead strategic and actionable roadmaps. Connor began her career at the Iams Company and was a part of the entrepreneurial team that tripled its business within a decade. The company culture included both stringent strategic business planning and hands-on activities.

Through this experience, Connor developed the ability to lead strategy and roll up her sleeves to “get it done." She says she brought with her the discipline and passion to help “big companies think and move like small ones” at both Procter & Gamble and Luxottica. She returned to her entrepreneurial roots and started CMO-OnLoan in 2016.