Why us? Good question. We understand that what you're doing is important to our region. Your dedication to your employees and the community creates positive change in people’s lives in our community.

Our Purpose: To build communities by fueling mid-market company success.

Our Mission: Helping mid-market companies win by infusing them with world-class marketing expertise.

Our Vision: To be known as the leader in building marketing experience within mid-market companies.

Our Values:

  • We can be counted on to make a difference.

  • We are always growing and challenging ourselves.

  • We are gritty, motivated and smart business leaders who roll up our sleeves to get the job done.

  • We are a team of diverse, autonomous collaborators.

  • We find joy in being a part of something greater than ourselves.

  • We pour into the people and communities we serve.

Quite simply, we want to help mid-market companies in the Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky area by providing the focus and tactical execution guidance they need to build on their success.

One of the ways we accomplish this is by tapping into a vast network of product, functional, technical, and category experts. With these resources at our fingertips, you can be sure that you will have the right people at the table to meet your unique business needs.


How We Started

CMO-OnLoan was inspired by conversations with mid-market business leaders in Cincinnati. We saw firsthand their dedication to their companies, employees, and communities. This type of leadership is the cornerstone of business growth and positive change, and we wanted to be a part of it.

These business leaders realized that to get to the next level they needed to apply the same principles as large companies, but they often didn't have the resources to do that. They were looking for someone they could trust who had the expertise they needed but was also a strong cultural fit with their organization. 


Amy Connor
President & Owner

Amy Connor is President & Owner of CMO-OnLoan, an organization that serves mid-market companies in the Cincinnati region, helping them with the strategic marketing focus and integrated implementation needed to grow in competitive environments.

For more than 20 years, she successfully drove growth with her ability to quickly assess business opportunities and lead strategic and actionable roadmaps. Connor began her career at the Iams Company and was a part of the entrepreneurial team that tripled its business within a decade. The company culture included both stringent strategic business planning and hands-on activities.

Through this experience, Connor developed the ability to lead strategy and roll up her sleeves to “get it done." She says she brought with her the discipline and passion to help “big companies think and move like small ones” at both Procter & Gamble and Luxottica.

She returned to her entrepreneurial roots and started CMO-OnLoan in 2016.


CMO-OnLoan™  Team

CMO-OnLoan is powered by a team of marketing professionals with decades of combined business driving and award-winning work.

Amy newkirk, senior marketing manager

Amy newkirk, senior marketing manager

erin lang, senior marketing manager

erin lang, senior marketing manager

leslie kiefaber, marketing manager

leslie kiefaber, marketing manager

Ellen kelly, marketing analyst

Ellen kelly, marketing analyst


Case Studies

Your goals are our goals. See how we’ve helped companies like yours reach their objectives by infusing them with world-class marketing expertise.


We love to share our successes, but we love it more when our clients and colleagues do the talking instead. See what a few have to say about their experience working with CMO-OnLoan.


CMO-OnLoan identified and created ways to measure success and enabled the team to identify who owns the tracking and sharing throughout the organization so we’re all on the same page.
— Nicole Luisi, R&D Director of Aileron

Amy has found a way to close that gap and deliver expertise that is needed for companies like us.
— Gary Jerow, CEO & President of Modern Ice Equipment & Supply

They helped with the framework, so we’ll be able to significantly improve our output.
— Alan Roth, CEO of ESOTERIC